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Beeswax Reading Candle *signature collection*

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For the book lover - this candle scent is heavenly and nostalgic.

The scent has notes of:

  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Library

The hand poured, small batch candle is made of beeswax + organic coconut oil. It has a cotton wick. It is in an amber glass jar with a metal lid.

Estimated burn time:

  • 8 oz: over 24 hours
  • 16 oz: over 48 hours

This candle was made with certified CleanScents fragrances, which have no:

  • carcinogens
  • mutagens
  • reproductive toxins
  • organ toxins
  • acute toxins

Besides what it doesn't have ... did you know that beeswax candles actually benefit the air in your home?

  • Beeswax candles produce negative ions when burned. 
  • These negative ions attach to positive ions (like pollen, dust, odors, etc) to help purify the air in your home.


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Customer Reviews

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Smells SO good!

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I ordered this candle. While “library” sounds great to me, I didn’t exactly know that was going to translate to a scent. I am SO glad that I took a chance and ordered it anyway. I don’t know that I can do a great job of describing the scent but if I had to try, I would say that it is a very warm, slightly masculine, perfect fall/winter, cozy smell. The description of library or reading candle really is perfect for it. I use it with a candle warmer and it sets a beautiful atmosphere that makes me want to grab a book and a cup of tea. I just love it!