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All Purpose Cleaner + Microfiber Cloth

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16 fl oz glass amber bottle with my original bottle label - filled with Thieves cleaner, lemon oil, orange oil, and distilled water. This natural all purpose household cleaner smells amazing (with no synthetic fragrances) and actually works.

Your purchase comes with a dark gray premium quality microfiber cleaning cloth.


Test a small amount of the product on what you are cleaning first to make sure there is no adverse reaction between materials.

This shop does not offer advice with the intent to diagnose, treat or cure what concerns you but to share our love of essential oils and their healing properties.

Always consult a physician if pregnant, nursing or have a chronic condition.

We assume no liability for any kind of allergic reaction or any other damages that the products allegedly cause including but not limited to damage of property, loss of wages, revenue or business.

When you purchase our products you are agreeing to these terms.